Jun 8, 2020

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A project of Neoteric Design: intermediate and advanced articles for developers working in Hugo, the JAMstack, and DevOps.

Hugo For Developers is a project of Neoteric Design. We’ve been building web apps and web sites for more than 20 years. For web apps, portals, and APIs, we work in Ruby on Rails. Over the years, we’ve created a robust culture of clear and understandable code that is easy to change, well tested, and safely audited and deployed using automated DevOps toolchains.

We came to Hugo and the JAMstack in 2019, looking for a fresh perspective for our clients’ sites and apps. We fell in love immediately with Hugo’s speed and flexibility. Thanks to headless CMSes for our editors, an easy-to-manage content model for complex projects, CI/CD testable builds, automated deployments to CDNs, and flexible, easy-to-manage APIs, we realized the Hugo approach was the breath of fresh air we were looking for.

There are many introductory articles on the architecture of the JAMstack, or howtos on setting up a Hugo site. However, we haven’t seen as much written at an intermediate to advanced level on working with Hugo, best practices using its template language, or using DevOps to manage and improve site testing and deployment.

So, we built Hugo for Developers. This mini-site highlights technical articles from neotericdesign.com in a developer-friendly format. Are there topics you’d like us to cover, or challenges that you’ve experienced? Send us your thoughts!

Are you not a developer, but rather on the client side? Are you seeking a breath of fresh air for your web apps or web site initiatives? Drop us a note. We are the Midwest’s leading JAMstack development firm, and we’d love to work with you.

Cheers -

Nick @ Neoteric Design